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Wren is actually the name of a model of android from the Phantasy Star series, originally appearing in Phantasy Star 3. The Wren model type was mass produced for war, and in Phantasy Star 3, the Wren type of the game can transform into various vehicles, making him also invariably awesome.

Facts About Wren:
Actual Name: Forren (Another spelling is Fuoren)
Race: Wren Android
First Met At: Zelan Satellite
Profession: Systems Controller
Age: 998
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray-blue (also arguably black or just gray)

Phantasy Star 4's Wren (Forren) offers a cool, objective counterpoint to some of the hotter tempers blazing within the character party in PS4, providing useful information and insight during your quest. Being the system controller on the Zelan Satellite, he feels very responsible and determined to solve the problems going on with the system computers.
Although he is very systematic, a sense of human-like empathy seems to coexist with his formulated, logical judgment.

The Wren in PS4 is known as Forren, not to be confused with PS3's Wren who is Searren (sometimes called Shiren.)
They look similar as they are both Wren androids, but they have noticeable differences. For example, Searren is a fairly short robot; he's shorter than most of the other characters in PS3.
Forren however, is very tall, taller than all the other characters in PS IV (except Raja). Also, Forren has a human face whereas Searren has strange, flesh-colored casings on the sides of his face.

A picture of Searren from Phantasy Star 3

Armor differs considerably from one Wren to the other. Searren's armor is tan and black, with a more stream-lined design, while Forren's is metal colored and black with a bulkier design. In addition, Forren has a red polygon-shaped jewel on his abdomen, while Searren has a small red orb on his chest.
A third Wren, Siren, is also known as Siren in the US version. He is the robot that is similar to Shiren, but with red hair and a metal face. He is the last boss of Ayn's generation in PS3.

(Above) Searren from PS3

(Above) Siren from PS3

(Above) Forren from PS4

Wren Playing 'Populous' on his Genesis (Algol Solar System Style)

The fourth panel is priceless.

Strange awkward pose!

Wren from a recently translated Audio CD.

Memorable and Favorite Wren Quotes:

"It looks like we've crushed someone's house..."

"This is true. One crash landing coming up."

"Calm down, Chaz. You should endeavor not to let your blood pressure become too high."

"Please use the word android, will you?"

"It's an internal weapon unit for Androids. I surmise that it is a Hyper-Jammer."

"It appears that Dark Force is the cause of everything. Let us remove it."

"If we use the Ice Digger we can break through walls of ice."

"In planning for action on Dezolis I had an ice breaking car built."

"Chaz, there is nothing wrong with the climate control system."

"Logically speaking, it must be something like cryogenic hibernation."

"...It is compatible with my electronics. I shall install it immediately."

"I'm getting something. Although very slight, it is definitely something."

"The air castle is crumbling!"

"There will be a shock wave. Everybody! Prepare yourselves!"

"Do not touch that light. It is a powerful force field."
(It will force you back powerfully.)

"No, Chaz, it seems I was their only target."

"Let's hurry. This is not a joking matter."

"My data confirms that, also. There must be an error in my data."

"Daughter, I am going to shut you down."
(Without dinner...!)

"I will calculate the direction immediately."


"If we keep to this course we will leave the Algo solar system!"

"It's a planet. A planet has suddenly appeared."

"It's not Motavia, it's not Dezolis... and of course it's not Parma.
There is no such planet in my database!"
(A dwarf planet!)

"So, it's an orbit like that of a comet!"
(So Wren... Comets have orbits?...)

"I sense a time warp. It's getting bigger. Danger! Danger!"


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