Some Gay Story

by Neroberg, I mean Zodberg

One Day Wren was walking around being a robot. Then he got weird. Sometimes I like to have mint Ice Cream. Wren and Megaman held hands and walked around a park together. Wren didn't like nature but he liekd to be with Megaman. Then they sat under a tree together and played game boy tetris (I mean real tetris not sucky new tetris) Wren won. Megaman pouted so Wren gave Megaman a shoulder rub. the next day, all cats decided to fly. Wren took Megaman to a dance club where there was bad techno music playing but they danced with each other anyway. as it turns out, Wren is very bad at dancing, but Megaman didn't care. They went home together that night and Megaman made a picture of himself and Wren out of macaroni. Then Wren went for a shower and when he took off his shirt, Megaman laughed at Wren's nipple ring.